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Career Technical Education

Welcome to the Career Technical Education Committee

The Academic Senate's Career Technical Education (CTE) Committee establishes the forum for continually enhancing SMC's CTE prog​rams.

Membership: Faculty and Administrators


The committee acts as a liaison between Career Technical Education (CTE) programs and various constituencies in the College Community and in business and industry. Membership strives to reflect campus diversity in Career Technical Eduation programs and support services.


  • Advocates for Santa Monica College's Career Technical Education programs using a transparent process to promote the development, expansion, and improvement of Career Technical Education programs on campus.

  • Reviews labor market trends for career pathways and skills development.

  • Makes recommendations regarding innovation in the development of new programs and the directions of existing programs.

  • Enhances communication among CTE programs at SMC.

  • Researches and discusses industry trends.

  • Gathers and utilizes labor market information.

  • Encourages information-sharing and the leveraging of resources whenever possible.

  • Determines the necessary skills, student recruitment needs, and overall costs of establishing new programs.

  • Recommends distribution of Perkins funds.


Chair, Fariba Bolandhemat: (310) 434-4372

Vice Chair, Frank Dawson: (310) 434-4585

Administration Voting Members Members
Frank Dawson
Michelle King
Dawn Murphy
Tricia Ramos
Eve Adler
Fariba Bolandhemat
Vicki Drake
Chris Fria
Ford Lowcock
Laura Manson
Debbie Perret
Sal Veas
Salvador Carrasco
Stuart Cooley
Clifton Dobbs
Yiching Grace
Tom Peters
Steve Peterson
Vicki Rothman
Saul Rubin
Salvador Santana
Perviz Sawoski
Eric Williams


Meetings are held every other Tuesday in Library 275. To view the meeting schedule.

Agendas & Minutes

Approval Process for New CTE Programs/Courses

Departmental Intentions

The first step is the department to consider what topic(s) can be added to their menu. These topics should be based on preliminary research and/or try to address current events that generate enough focus in their respective fields. Course(s) should be introduced according to departmental procedures and be determined whether it warrants further development efforts.

Career Technical Education Committee Review

Presentation/discussion/approval will be needed. This stage encourages communication/information-exchange/review of new Career Technical Education courses/programs and allows for resources to be identified that can help increase the likelihood of success.

Assignment of Faculty

Faculty member(s) are then assigned to develop the core(s)/program(s).

Submission to the Curriculum Committee

A new course/program will need to go to the curriculum committee for further review and approval.

Submission to the Academic Senate

The next stage is for the Academic Senate to review/approve the new course/program.

Submission to the Board of Trustees

Final approval needs to be obtained from the Board of Trustees.

Submission to LOWDL

Applicable new course(s) will need to be presented the Los Angeles/Orange County Workforce Development Leaders to ensure non-duplication, etc.

Submission to the Chancellor's Office

Finally, the new course/program will need to be submitted to the Chancellor's Office to complete the process.

Committee Information