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Election - Rules

Welcome to the Election & Rules Committee
Scope and Function

Membership: Faculty Only.

The Committee is responsible for advising the Academic Senate on internal governance issues and for conducting elections.
A. Conducts elections during the spring semester, from inviting nominations through tallying and reporting results to the Academic Senate.
B. Reviews the Academic Senate Constitution and By-Laws annually and makes appropriate recommendations, as needed, to the Academic Senate.
C. Considers other matters deemed as appropriate by the Academic Senate.
(Revised March 14, 2006; 47-0)

Fran Chandler
Andrew Nestler
Meeting - Dates/Time/Location
 Tentative schedule
Selected Tuesdays 1:30-3:00  HS 361
and Fridays as needed during elections 
Agendas & Minutes

General Information
Year-End Report 2015



Election Results for 2014