​Welcome to the Environmental Affairs Committee.

Scope & Functions

Approved by the Academic Senate unanimously on February 26, 2013.


The Committee serves as the Senate's and the College's resource and recommending body on academic and professional matters related to the environment, ecological literacy and greening the curriculum.


  • Support the Center for Environmental and Urban Studies

  • Support the continued development and growth of ecological literacy and the continued Greening of the Curriculum at the College.

  • Support efforts to enhance the College's sustainability

  • Facilitate partnerships to enhance and develop College environmental programs

  • Work with the Associated Students, the District Planning and Advisory Council, and other College committees to address environmental concerns at the College.

  • Sponsor environmentally relevant activities and programs at the college.


Chair, Kenya Mitchell: (310) 434-4184

Vice Chair, Ferris Kawar: (310) 434-3911

Voting Members

Membership: Faculty and Administrators (2:1 ratio)

  • Garen Baghdasarian

  • Stuart Cooley

  • Janet Harclerode

  • Poliana Raymer

  • Dawn Vaughn

  • Michelle King

  • Bruce Wyban

Interested Parties

  • Eric Minzenberg

  • Eric Oifer

  • Amber Katherine

  • Gillian Grebler

  • Natalie Hansen

  • Christyanne Melendez

  • Guido Davis Del Piccolo

  • Kaya Foster

  • Tram Dang

  • Leslie Kawaguchi


Time: First and third Tuesday of each month, 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Location: CEUS (Pearl Street)

Agendas & Minutes