Program Review Self-Guided Training

Program Review is a mandated process that is integral to institutional planning. The Academic Senate Joint Program Review Committee is responsible for the process, which falls under the purview of the 10+1 areas of faculty responsibility. All institutional programs and departments are required to engage in meaningful program review, and according to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, the program review processes at all institutions are expected to be at the Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement Level for both instructional and non-instructional programs and services.

Six-year and Annual Program Review

Program Review provides a structure for programs to document systematic engagement in self-evaluation, leading to program improvements. Most instructional programs already have been required to do a substantial review every six years, while CTE programs have submitted their self-studies biennially to comply with Title 5. Beginning in Spring 2014, all programs will be required to submit an annual program review report that documents their ongoing program improvements that have taken place in the time between their substantial six-year self-studies.

Upcoming Plans for Program Review

To streamline program review and improve institutional planning, the Program Review Committee has spent the last two years revising the review process in preparation for adding annual reports and transitioning the process to an online format. When fully implemented, the online process will archive all reports, auto-populate certain fields from previous reports, provide links to institutional documents referred to in the prompts, and generate informational reports across all programs to support institutional planning.

PDF Guides for Various Program Types:

  • instructional and CTE PDF Guide
  • Student Services PDF Guide
  • Administrative Units PDF Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What time frame should be used for review?

Be consistent. Data should be from the Spring and Fall semesters.

When should I start writing?


Who is responsible for completing the report?

The Program Leader is ultimately responsible for seeing that the entire program staff engages in the process of evaluation.

How often do I have to write a report?

Program review reports should be completed on a yearly basis. Annual reports will be reviewed by the area Vice Presidents and relevant information shared with appropriate planning bodies. The information from the annual report is reviewed by the District Planning and Advisory Committee (DPAC) and recommendations are considered in annual institutional planning processes. An in-depth six-year report includes aggregated information from the annual reports. Click here to see PDF Filethe six-year program review cycle.

If my program is due for a six-year program review this year, do I also have to complete an annual program review?

No. Complete the six-year program review this year.

When is it going to be online?

The Program Review process is anticipated to be on-line by Fall 2014.

What happens if I don’t do it?

You will be contacted by your area Vice President.

I’m in a Career Technical Education (CTE) program. Do I have to do the two-year report?

No. Complete the annual report.

If I have been submitting annual reports to my area VP, does this substitute for this?


How long does this have to be?

Be clear and concise.

Every time we do these reviews we ask for staffing, equipment, and facilities and we never get them. What happens to our requests?

Program review does not supplant the allocation bodies. The annual program review report gives an overall picture of institutional needs. You must still submit requests to the planning bodies.

I don’t serve students. What am I supposed to do about SLOs?

Your focus will be Unit Outcomes (UOs). The Office of Institutional Research will support you with this.

I am a new Department Chair. How do I find the previous Program Review?

After 2010 the Program Review reports are archived on the Santa Monica College Academic Senate website. If your last Program Review was before 2009 contact the Chair of the Program Review Committee.

Our SLOs have not produced as useful assessment data as we hoped for. Where can I find resources to improve my assessment tools and processes?

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee webpage has an overview guide on how to improve your assessment tools.

Help. The guide does not make sense. I have many questions that don't seem to be answered by the guide. What do I do?

Make sure you are looking at the correct program guide. If you need some specific help, contact the program review chair. We have assembled a group of helpful people from across the campus who can answer content-specific questions about your program review.

Where can I find the correct Program Review template?

You can only access the correct forms on the Program Review website.

I heard that the annual program review was entered online. Where do I go to put my report online?

For the academic year 2013-2014, the report will be submitted in writing to your area VP. For all subsequent years, it will be submitted through CurricUNET. Once that interface is ready, this page will be updated to include training on how input your self-study online.

You mean I have to do this all again next year, but online?

The questions will remain essentially constant, so you should be able to quickly transfer many of your answers onto the website, and just modify them each year to reflect any recent changes in your program.