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Program Review

Committee Members 2016-17

Meetings: Selected Tuesdays, 3-5pm, Library 275 - Meeting Schedule​ (PDF)

Agenda​ for September 6, 2016 PRC meeting

Vicki Drake

Erica LeBlanc


Chris Badger
Sharon Jaffe
Sandra Rowe
Carol Womack
Stephanie Amerian
Vanessa VanWormer

Interested Parties

Gibson Chris
Fran Chandler
Guido Davis Del Piccolo
Ron Furuyama​


Laurie McQuay Peninger
Katharine Muller

Scope and Functions


Faculty and Administrators (2:1)

The Committee reviews all existing instructional, student and instructional support, and administrative services programs to document and ensure that all programs are engaged in ongoing self-evaluation and assessment to maintain and enhance their quality, vitality and responsiveness. The committee also collects and disseminates annual program reports that provide specific information used for planning.


  1. Recognizes strengths and achievements of programs.
  2. Works with both the Curriculum and Institutional Effectiveness Committees to encourage development and assessment of robust outcomes and assessment plans.
  3. Provides thoughtful feedback to enhance program goals and planning based on evaluation/data.
  4. Identifies the areas in need of internal and external support.
  5. Informs the campus-wide decision-making process.
  6. Identifies overarching trends to inform the annual update of the Master Plan.
  7. Evaluates, modifies, and updates the process for program review.


Documents and Links 

Program Review Annual Report to DPAC: Spring 2015 to Fall 2015

Six-Year Program Reviews

Annual Program Reviews


Past Schedules

Executive Summaries

Program Reviews