​​​Welcome to the Student Affairs Committee.

Scope & Functions


The Committee evaluates and updates all administrative regulations concerning student affairs, including but not limited to admissions and registration, student progress and graduation, student conduct, student activities, counseling, and financial aid.


  • Develops and revises administrative regulations. When these issues are addressed in Title 5 and the California Education Code, ensure that changes are in compliance with relevant guidelines.

  • Reviews district board policies concerning student affairs matters, and when appropriate, recommends changes.

  • Interfaces with any senate committee that addresses student affairs.


Chair, Beatriz Magallon, Welcome Center Counselor: (310) 434-4275

Vice Chair, Esau Tovar, Enrollment Services Dean: (310) 434-4012

Recording Secretary, Malin Bohman, Admissions


  • Donna Davis-King, Psychology

  • Daniel Freeman, Athletics

  • Stanley Hecht, Mathematics

  • Alicia Villalpando, Counseling

  • Kayli Weatherford, English
  • Deyna Hearn, Student Judicial Affairs

  • Denise Kinsella, International Education Center

  • Edgar Gonzalez, Student Representative

  • Kathy Pho, Student Representative


Time: Every other Wednesday, 1 to 3 pm

Location: Academic Senate Conference Room, HSS 261

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Spring 2018

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  • April 25:

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