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Santa Monica College|Administration & College Governance|Academic Senate|Academic Senate Committees|Student Instructional Support Committee

Student Instructional Support Committee

Members, 2015-2016

Chair / Vice-Chair:

Jason Beardsley, Chair

Ron Furuyama, Vice Chair


Jamar London

Gary Todd

Elisa Meyer

Wendi DeMorst

Scope and Functions


The Student Instructional Support Committee makes recommendations to the Academic Senate regarding strategic planning for, and institutionalization of, Supplemental Instruction, tutoring, and other student instructional support services.



1. Identify needs and make recommendations for instructional support, systems, and services.

 2. Recommend training strategies for tutoring services in consultation with the appropriate department.

 3. Recommend and support strategies for promoting awareness and use of instructional support services.

 4. Review and respond to relevant findings and publications of the Office of Institutional Research and submit research proposals as needed.



Location and Time:

Library Conference Room   3:30pm

Date / Time:

Spring 2016

​3.14 ​Agenda ​Minutes
​3.28 ​Agenda Minutes
​4.25 Agenda ​Minutes
​5.16 ​Agenda ​Minutes
6.6​ ​Agenda ​Minutes

Spring 2014

​3/12 Agenda ​Minutes
​3/26 Agenda​  Minutes​
​4.2 Agenda​ Minutes​
​4.23 ​Agenda Minutes
​5.7 ​Agenda ​Minutes
​5.21 Agenda Minutes
​6.4 ​Agenda ​Agenda

Fall 2013: 3:30pm in HSS 261

​9/4 Agenda Minutes
​9/18 Agenda Minutes
​10/2 Agenda ​Minutes
​10/16 ​Agenda Minutes​
​11/6 ​Cancelled ​Minutes
​11/20 ​Agenda ​Minutes
​12/4 ​Agenda ​Minutes

Spring 2013/3:30pm

​Fall 2012
​ ​ ​Spring 2013
​Date ​Agenda ​Minutes ​Date ​Agenda ​Minutes
​9/12 Agenda​ ​Minutes ​March 13 ​Minutes
​9/26 ​Agenda ​Minutes ​March 27 ​Agenda ​Minutes
​10/10 ​Agenda ​Minutes
​April 17
Agenda ​Minutes
​10/26 ​Agenda ​Minutes
​May 8
​Agenda ​Minutes
​May 29
​Agenda ​Minutes
Fall 2011 ​ ​ ​Spring 2012
​Date ​Agenda Minutes ​Date ​Agenda ​Minutes
​9/8 ​Agenda Minutes ​3/05 Agenda Minutes
​9/28 Agenda Minutes ​3/19 ​Agenda Minutes
​10/12 ​Agenda ​Minutes ​4/02 ​Agenda Minutes
​10/26 ​Agenda Minutes ​4/16 Agenda ​Minutes
​11/9 Agenda ​Minutes ​4/30 Agenda ​Minutes
​11/30 Agenda Minutes ​5/14 Agenda Minutes
​12/7 ​Agenda Minutes ​6/4 Agenda ​Minutes