​​​​Academic Senate Officers 2019-2020

  • Nate Donahue, President

  • Jose Hernandez, Treasurer

  • Lesley Kawaguchi, Parliamentarian

  • Recording Secretary, TBD

Academic Senators List:

Executive Committee

The Academic Senate Executive Committee consists of elected officers and the chairs of standing committees. The Executive Committee serves as a steering committee for the Senate by recommending senate objectives and setting the senate agendas.

Academic Senate Executive Committee Chairs 2019-2020

Other Senate Responsibilities

Honor Council – Greg Brookins

Student Relief Fund – Audra Wells

Participatory Governance Policy

Board Policy 2000, Article 2200, BP 2210:

"Santa Monica College is a community composed of students, faculty, staff, administration and the Board of Trustees who are committed to the implementation of the Participatory Governance Policy (AB 1725). The Board of Trustees honors the concept of participatory governance in all areas defined by State laws and regulations as policy of the Santa Monica Community College District while retaining its own rights and responsibilities as the ultimate authority.

The Board of Trustees has adopted the following participatory governance policies developed by the Academic Senate, Classified Staff, Associated Students, and Management Association."

For more information, read the PDF FileParticipatory Governance Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees.