1. When do I become eligible for a sabbatical?
    Faculty become eligible to apply for a sabbatical after six consecutive years of full-time employment.
  2. Do I need my department head’s approval before I apply?
    Your department head as well as the Vice President of Academic Affairs or Vice President of Student Affairs sign your application before it is submitted to the committee; however, your decision to apply is not based on your department chair’s approval. You are free to apply if eligible.
  3. Where do I get a sabbatical application?
    Applications are available from the Sabbitacls & Fellowships Committee's website.
  4. When is the deadline for submitting my application?
    This year’s deadline is October 23, 2009.
  5. Whom can I ask for help with my proposal?
    A list of recent sabbatical recipients who may be consulted as resources is available on the committee’s website. Colleagues in your department may be helpful in generating ideas and reviewing your proposal as well. The committee members are not able to review your application with you.
  6. Is it possible to submit a proposal in collaboration with another faculty member?
  7. How can I view successful sample proposals?
    We currently do not make these proposals available directly through our committee. You may consider soliciting one from a past sabbatical recipient.
  8. Who evaluates my proposal?
    The committee members (faculty and administrators) will meet to discuss and evaluate proposals in early November 2009. Up to eight sabbatical proposals may be selected. "Successful" proposals will then be forwarded to the Academic Senate and the Board of Trustees for approval.
  9. Should I apply again using the same proposal if that proposal was previously rejected?
    Faculty whose proposals are not accepted are encouraged to reapply. However, it is wise to review your proposal before resubmitting it. Make sure that all pertinent information as requested in the proposal is fully addressed.
  10. Can I use a fellowship proposal as the basis for my sabbatical proposal?
    Yes. However, it is likely that your fellowship proposal may not be sufficiently detailed or that the plan itself may need further development.
  11. Can two or more sabbaticals be awarded in the same year to members of the same department?
  12. Will I lose any of my retirement benefits during my sabbatical?
    No. All full time faculty benefits remain the same with the exception of sick days which can not be accumulated.
  13. What am I expected to do upon completion of my sabbatical?
    Faculty are expected to provide the committee with four copies of a report summarizing the experiences/outcomes undertaken as part of the sabbatical within 60 days of return to duty. The report should be based on the original plan submitted. In the spirit of shared benefit to the college community, sabbatical recipients have also made brief presentations of their semester’s experiences to other faculty at workshops and during flex day activities as well as to the Board of Trustees during their monthly meetings.
  14. When will I be notified about the sabbatical committee’s decision?
    This year’s sabbatical recipients should be notified of the committee’s decision by mid-November 2009.