​​​​In this page you will find info about:

  • what OER is,
  • where to find OER materials,
  • how can a faculty at SMC adopt an OER,
  • upcoming OER seminars and webinars and past archives.
  • courses that use OER at SMC and links to the OER used
  • OER team contact info

What is OER?

Open Education Resources are course materials that are available to students and faculty for use in and outside a classroom for teaching, learning, and assessing as well as for research purposes. They are open for use and reproduction and include full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos, tests, software, and any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support access to knowledge.

An OER must be materials that students can retain even after the course is completed with no access dates or password protection.

Santa Monica College was awarded a grant funding from the AB 798 Textbook Affordability Act in October 2016. The goal of this project is to promote the use of OER at SMC.

Where to Find OER

A simple search will list many resources. The source must be free, with no expiration date, and available to download without any login. Below are some examples:

Process to Adopt OER @ SMC

  • Provide a PDF to Reprographics to create an ISBN and generate printed copies for the Bookstore on demand printing. If the OER is available in ready-bound printed text (e.g. OpenStax) you can skip this step. Faculty can request extra copies be purchased for the library (up to 5 copies). Reprographics will provide a free desktop copy to the requesting faculty. Contact Jinan Darwiche for details.

  • Ensure the section (or sections) adopting the OER be marked with a Note in the schedule of classes. The department chair must be notified of this so it is communicated to the Dean's office.

  • Enter the proper textbook title ending it with "OER textbook, available free online" at the bookstore database. 

  • Inform students where the OER can be accessed by providing a link or PDF or both via email and/or in the course management system.

  • Consider attending our workshops - see prior workshop slides below.

  • Contact any of our team members for help (see members list below)

OER Courses at SMC

At this time, courses listed below have adopted OER textbooks. Note in some cases, not all sections of these courses use OER. Check the Class Schedule for OER sections.

Biology 21: Cell Biology

Chemistry 11: General Chemistry 1

Chemistry 12: General Chemistry 2

Communication Studies 11: Elements of Public Speaking

Communication Studies 16: Small Group Discussion

Computer Science 3: Introduction to Computer Systems

Computer Science 15: Visual Basic Programming

Computer Science 17: Assembly Programming

Computer Science 20A: Data Structures with C++

Computer Science 50: C Programming

Computer Science 85: PHP Programming

Computer Science 83R:  Server-Side  Ruby Web Programming

Library 1: Library Research Methods

English 1: Reading and Composition 1

Sociology 1: Introduction to Sociology 1

OER in the Class Schedule

Currently, course sections that adopt an OER will be marked in the schedule of classes. A note will be added under each section that states: "Above section uses an Open Educational Resources (OER) textbook that is free."
This is a state requirement as per SB1359.
Course materials that cost less than $60 may be identified as low cost.  More details to come on this.
If a course using an OER requires supplies to be purchased, the course can still be marked as OER.

This helps students identify these sections to sign up for them given this frees them from the burden of paying for costly textbooks.

Check the Class Schedule for OER sections.

Printed OER Textbooks

Students who wish to use a printed version of the OER book, may purchase one from the bookstore.
Printed copies of OER textbooks will be available at the library for students to borrow if the faculty adopting the OER completed the steps for this option.


Upcoming Workshops

** Cancelled**
Using OER for exam prep and creating your own OER.
Monday 11/13/2017 2:00-3:30 p.m. M104. (OER.jpg)   ** Cancelled**

Previous Workshops

SMC Fall 2017 Flex day workshop (PPT slides)

SMC Spring 2017 Flex Day Workshop (PowerPoint Slides)

The AB798 grant has a wealth of recorded webinars about OER's (link)

AB 798 Grant Summary

OER Grant Summary 2017

OER Team at SMC

Below is the OER committee members of the AB 798 grant at SMC.

To send an email, add @smc.edu to the address shown. To call, use 310-434 + extension shown.

  • Brenda Antrim, Library and Reserve Books, x3538, email: antrim_brenda

  • Jinan Darwiche, CSIS department and Campus Coordinator, x8662, email: darwiche_jinan

  • Mitch Heskel, Interim Dean of Education Enterprise, x3414, email: heskel_mitch

  • Angelina Misaghi, English Department, x8855, email: misaghi_angelina

  • Waleed Nasr, Senior Technology Specialist, x4391, email:nasr_waleed

  • Sehat Nauli, Chemistry Department, x3181, email: nauli_sehat

  • Tom Peters, Disabled Students Center, x8706, email peters_thomas 

SMC Faculty Survey 2017

Summary of faculty survey conducted Spring 2017: Spring 2017 Faculty Survey Results