The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is a joint committee consisting of representatives from the faculty, administration, and classified staff.  Through its oversight of professional development activities, which include, but are not limited to, flex-day activities, conference funding, training, and special projects, the PDC works toward meeting Santa Monica College's six institutional goals: student success, academic excellence, community of mutual respect, technology, community partnerships and facilities.  The PDC is responsible for any professional development funds provided to the college through AB1725.

Scope and Function

The PDC is interested in supporting special projects designed to increase effectiveness of faculty/staff/management in departments or areas.  The PDC is watchful to ensure that all segments of the campus community benefit from the programs sponsored by the AB1725 funds.  The entire committee reviews requests for conferences, special projects and events.

When money is available, the PDC invites and accepts applications for funding support throughout the academic year, but allocates funds starting in July.  Applications submitted in the spring of the year might find less funding available if most monies have already been committed.  Therefore individuals are encouraged to apply as soon in the academic year as they are able.