What’s the SMC Parent Network?

It’s an informal group of SMC Faculty, Staff and Administrators who have children in their lives. Everyone is invited and welcome to join.

What’s the group about?

This is a grassroots effort to support and learn from each other. It takes a village to raise a child…and your colleagues at SMC can be part of that helpful village! We’re here to do what you’ll find helpful! (Social support, information sharing, tips about how to plan cool birthday parties, etc! Whatever you’re looking for!)

What age group do you focus on?

Every age is represented! We had over 25 men and women at the Parent Network meeting on the Spring Flex day and their children ranged from pre-newborn (yes, if you’re expecting you can participate too!) to college age and everything in between!

What does this group do?

We’re new, so you’ll have to help us figure this out! For now, we have a helpful listserve (see below for how to sign up!) where parents can ask questions and get answers and we’ll have brown bag lunch discussions on a variety of topics that are relevant to children of all ages and parenting.

How to sign up for the SMC Parent Network Email List:

  1. Use the full Microsoft Outlook client (installed on all campus PCs), not the Outlook Web Access interface or a localized POP3/IMAP e-mail reader.
  2. Invoke the Global Address List under the Tools menu option "Address Book" (Alt-TB or Shift-Ctrl-B).
  3. Scroll down and click on the list (or type enough of the list's name to uniquely match it) to highlight it. Type: parents
  4. Double-click the highlighted list or, while it's highlighted, press ENTER (or click the Properties button -or- use the File menu option Properties [or Alt-FR]).
  5. Click the "Modify Members..." button (Alt-M).
  6. Perform one of the following actions (add or remove):

To add oneself to the list:

  1. Click the Add button (Alt-D).
  2. Scroll down and click on your own mailbox (or type enough of your own mailbox's name to uniquely match it) to highlight it.
  3. Double-click the highlighted mailbox or, while it's highlighted, press ENTER.
  4. Click the OK button.


Info about babies:

Feeding Toddlers and Young Children:

Talking with Teens:

Recall information:




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