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The District is in the process of updating and revising its Board Policy Manual with the assistance of the CCLC Policy and Procedure Service. Current Board Policies and Administrative Regulations will remain posted on the website as the District moves through the transition.  Provisions that are currently in Board policy will not be repealed, but may be moved to another chapter or combined with other policies.​

Updated Chapters of Board policy will be posted on the website as they are approved by the Board.  The former sections will remain on the website.  A matrix illustrating the transition will also be posted on the website.​

Current Board Policy​​ (pending update)​​

Board Policy - Section 1000, Bylaws of the Board

Board Policy - Section 2000, General District

Board Policy - Section 3000, Human Resourses

PDF FileBoard Policy - Section 4000, Student Services

PDF FileBoard Policy - Section 5000, Curriculum and Instruction

PDF FileBoard Policy - Section 6000, Business Services and Facilities

Current Administrative Regulations (pending update)

Updated Board Policy

Board Policy Chapter 1, The District

Board Policy Chapter 2 - Board of Trustees

Administrative Regulations Chapter 2 - Board of Trustees

Board Policy Chapter 3 - General District

Board Policy Chapter 7 - Human Resources

PDF Files require Adobe Acrobat.​​​​​​