​​Starting in Spring 2016, Santa Monica College will transition from the Pearson Learning Studio/eCollege to Canvas.

Why Switch?

  • Canvas will be integrated with the services available across the system-wide initiatives including Online Tutoring and Student Readiness Modules.

  • Professional development opportunities for using Canvas will be provided through the initiative at no cost.

  • Course migration support will be provided. Details will be forthcoming

  • Santa Monica College licensing of eCollege costs will be reduced by utilizing the OEI Initiative.

This transition includes all course sections previously taught using Pearson LearningStudio/eCollege.

Transition Timeline

  • Our Pearson LearningStudio/eCollege contract ends with the completion of Fall 2016.

  • We plan to run parallel Canvas and Pearson LearningStudio/eCollege installations Summer 2016; faculty may opt in to use Canvas beginning Spring/Second 8 Weeks 2016.

  • Full migration of distance education courses will be completed at the end of Fall 2016.

  • eCompanion migration is also slated for completion by the end of Fall 2016. Please understand that the first priority will be fully online and hybrid courses.