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Documents and Resources


Documents & Resources 

Institutional Effectiveness Committee Meeting Information
Note: Minutes of meetings will post here.


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Videos and Films 

"Angela Lee Duckworth: The Key to Success? Grit," TED Talk, April 2013

PBS Newshour story on why students underperform (includes discussion of efforts to transform students and help them find purpose)

"Back to School," Episode #474 of This American Life, available online at

"Dudamel: Let the Children Play"

"El Sistema: Music to Change Life"

The Marshmellow Experiment: "Kids Marshmellow Test" [here] and "The Marshmellow Test - Tempting Theo" [here]. In the late 1960s Walter Mischel, then a psychologist at Stanford University, developed an experiment to test the willpower of four-year-olds. The experiment is known as the marshmallow test. Below are links to two short recorded interpretations of that experiment. The experiment was originally designed to study how children exercise self-control. The study raises many questions about grit, perseverance and discipline, and how to develop those attributes.

"Pray the Devil Back to Hell" PBS Newshour Education Series

"Undefeated (Character Will Be Revealed)"

"Identify Your Strengths and Talents (by Tim Brown),"