Got Grit on the SMC Campus


It's hard to get through college, especially when there are so many demands on your time: friends, family, job, traffic, the need to sleep. Worse yet, you may often feel that you do not even know why you are in college. How will you keep it all going when there are so many uncertainties in your life?

It will help you if you can identify your long range goals: what DO you see as the purpose of your life? This may sound like a hard question but if you fail to answer it, you will have trouble making and keeping commitments. Success in college and life takes courage and the ability to stick with it. But most importantly, success requires that you know yourself and what it is you want to accomplish. If you know your goals and really believe in them, you will have a much greater ability to grit your teeth and push on through.

Do you have the GRIT to see things through, to achieve your greatest dream?

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Question: How can we help you achieve your dream?

Answer: "By ensuring an education that can take me push me further along my path."
Answer: "My dream is to go to UCLA, and SMC has provided all the resources to help with that. Not sure what else I need, but all help is appreciated."
Answer: "Provide me with the support to help tie my academic dreams to my wholistic person, so I can help tie my goals to real life, who I am right now. That's what I need most from my teachers--help bridging concepts to reality."

Question: What risks are you willing to take to achieve your dream?
  Answer: "I'm not sure."
Answer: "I have managed to go to SMC for four years now trying to get into UCLA, and now I'm getting super involved, risking time management to be the best applicant. Going good so far, I just hope UCLA notices that."
Answer: "I'm risking everything--I'm risking my family disowning me if I'm not successful, I'm risking being in debt for the rest of my life since medical school costs about 350k from start to residency, I'm risking not being able to have a family because I'll be in school past my reproductive prime and also risking being too caught up in stress to remember how to be a real person."

Question: What inspires you and why?
  Answer: "My family because they have helped me through everything."
Answer: "The look of relief on someone's face, when you know you have helped them."
Answer: "Success stories and involvement inspires me to move forward because I know there are others who accomplished the goal I currently have already, and getting involved and working with people motivates me to be an active student in attaining my dream."

Question: Did you do something this week you’ve never done before?
  Answer: "I helped defend a nurse from a combative patient in the ER."
Answer: "Unfortunately not."
Answer: "This week I volunteered for a marathon as an AGS volunteer, and it was quite thrilling and fulfilling. I never even knew these sort of events happen at the pier."
Question: Are you a driver or a passenger in your own life?
  Answer: "Definitely both."
Answer: "Driver."
Answer: "I am a driver, in the sense that I like getting things done myself and follow my own goals, not someone else's (but I used to)."

Question: If there were no grades, what would motivate you?
  Answer: "My desire to learn."
Answer: "Good question. I think the clubs I am in, jobs I have as a teacher and mentor, and family values uphold the most importance in motivating me in life."
Answer: "Grades don't motivate me. Making my teacher's jobs worth it, and proving that their effort means something and that they are not just a talking textbook, that's what gets me up every morning."

Question: How has this semester changed you?
  Answer: "I have become more focused and responsible."
Answer: "Learning how to stand up and slowly, SLOWLY appreciate myself. And be social."
Answer: "I have changed this semester by figuring out what I want to do, and being proactive in using resources to learn more on how to reach my goal (teaching math in the future)."

Question: What opportunity did you miss? What are you going to do now?
  Answer: "I have missed social opportunities in favor of academic study time and I do not regret this."
Answer: "I missed the opportunity to be active in the past and make more connections than I do now from 3 years ago. I have made the move to involve myself in clubs, student government, the SI program, and other responsibilities that have helped me grow and develop socially and academically."
Answer: "I got a C in both a physics and ochem class. I wasn't 100% engaged and now I may not stand a chance at medschool. But I sure as hell am not giving up, I'm going to push forth at 100% potential and hopefully get there anyway."