Grow Your Mind. Grow Your Life. SMC GRIT
“I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow.”
-Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo

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We all face challenges in our everyday lives: fixing a flat tire that comes at the worst possible time, missing your bus, or getting scheduled to work at the same time you're supposed to take a midterm.  And we have all shown determination and hard work, what some call grit, to meet these challenges.  Wouldn't it be great if we could take that same determination and apply it to the challenges we face in school, challenges like a complex math problem or a really tough reading assignment?  Teachers can help students direct their grit to these tasks in a number of ways.  They can make it clear how what we learn in the classroom applies to the real world.  They can also encourage students to seek help in the form of counseling sessions, office hours, and tutoring.  We all have grit.  We just may need some help in applying it where it will really counts!


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Show us how you have grit! 

What was a challenge you overcame, a goal you achieved, or a success you experienced? How did you do it?

Inspire others by sending us a short video (2 minutes or less) with your story. Be creative and express yourself authentically. You might tell your story directly to the camera, or you might use song, or you might draw a cartoon. We will post videos that we believe will inspire and motivate students to grow their minds and grow their lives.

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