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Santa Monica College|Administration & College Governance|District Planning & Policies|Technology Planning Committee

Technology Planning Committee



Bob Myers 
Dan Rojas​ ​(Co-Chair)
Regina Ip
Deirdre Weaver 


Walter Meyer (Co-Chair)
Jinan Darwiche
Tom Peters
Peter Morse


Robert Villanueva
Christine Miller


Dilan Patel (A.S. Student)


10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Information Technology Conference Room M207.

All meetings are the third Friday of the month unless in bold: 12/18, 1/15, 2/19, 3/18, 4/22, 5/20. 6/10​

Vision Statement
Endorsed by DPAC on April 22, 2015

The technological transformation underway compels SMC to cultivate a college culture that empowers its faculty and staff and prepares its students to master the skills, knowledge and abilities required to excel in the digital world.  The effective use of technology is a priority in every function that the college performs and is an essential aspect of all current and future improvements to the college.

Santa Monica College cultivates a college culture that is responsive to this rapid transformation. SMC should be a leader and innovator for technology at the community college level.  The college is committed to being a forward thinking leader, to inform planning how technology will improve the institution, and to make institutional decisions based on these technology needs​

Duties of Technology Planning Subcommittee 

  • Develop the annual Master Plan for Technology for submission to the District Planning and Advisory Council.
  • Review technology planning issues respective to Budget, Human Resources, Facilities, Student Services, and Instruction.
  • Focus on technology integration and communication with other college planning areas.
  • Recommend campus-wide technology solutions and provide ongoing support for the maintenance of the Master Plan for Technology.

Approved: 4/27/05; Revised 6/05, 8/06, 7/07, 1/10, 10/13, 8/14

Self-Evaluation presented to DPAC: In Progress. Recommendations: None

Meeting Agenda & Minutes ​

Winter 2015 ​Spring 2015 Fall 2015​
​01/16 Agenda Minutes 03/20 Agenda Minutes 09/18 Agenda​ Minutes
02/20 Agenda Minutes
05/15 ​​Agenda Minutes 10/16 Agenda Minutes
​​ 07/24 Agenda Minutes ​11/20 Agenda​ Minutes​
​​ ​​
Fall 2013 ​Spring 2014 Fall 2014
​9/20 Agenda Minutes 3/14 Agenda Minutes 9/19 Agenda Minutes
11/15 Agenda ​​Minutes 5/9 ​​Agenda Minutes 10/17 Agenda Minutes
​​ ​​11/21 Agenda Minutes
​​ ​​ ​​12/19 Agenda ​Minutes
​Spring 2012 ​Fall 2012 Spring 2013
1/26 Agenda Minutes​ 9/21 ​​Agenda Minutes​ ​​​1/18 Agenda Minutes​
​2/17 ​Agenda ​​Minutes 10/19 ​​Agenda Minutes​
​3/16 Agenda ​​Minutes ​​11/16 ​​Agenda Minutes​ ​​
​4/20 Agenda ​​Minutes ​​ ​​
​5/18 Agenda Minutes​

​​Fall 2010 ​​Spring 2011 ​​Fall 2011
9/17 Agenda Minutes 2/18 Agenda Minutes 9/30 Agenda Minutes
​10/15 Agenda Minutes ​3/18 Agenda Minutes ​10/28 ​Agenda Minutes
​11/19 Agenda Minutes ​4/22 Agenda Minutes ​11/18 Agenda Minutes
​12/17 Agenda Minutes ​5/20 Agenda Minutes ​12/16 Agenda Minutes