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Santa Monica College|Administration & College Governance|Management Association|Classified Staff Recognition Awardees

Classified Staff Recognition Awardees


July 2006
August 2006
September 2006
October 2006
Jim Galligan
Jim Galligan
Maria Bonin
Maria Bonin
Transfer Specialist
Warren Cancilla & Cecil Godbold
Warren Cancilla & Cecil Godbold
Reprographic Operator II

LaRue Muhammad
LaRue Muhammad
Department Secretary

November 2006

December 2006
January 2007
February 2007
Luz-Maria Cukie Drinot
Luz-Maria "Cukie" Drinot
Department Secretary
Leonard Magur
Leonard Magur
Custodian NS1
Lucy Remonde
Lucy Remonde
Jennifer Jones Department
Jennifer Jones Department Secretary
MARCH 2007
APRIL 2007
MAY 2007
Thelma Hoffman
Thelma Hoffman, Admissions & Records Specialist
Lois de Wit
Lois de Wit, Accounting Specialist II
Kathy McKeever
Kathy McKeever Program Coordinator
Continuing & Community Education

Past Recognition Awardees:


June 2006 Ingrid Cardwell, Department Secretary, Life and Physical Sciences
May 2006 Herbert McNeely, Parking Security Officer
April 2006 Leroy Lauer, Payroll Specialist
March 2006 Wai Wong, Telecommunications Specialist
February 2006 Ray Bruce, Lead Custodian (night shift)
January 2006 Tony Prestby, EOPS Program Specialist and Gloria Mottler, Internship Coordinator at AET
December 2005 Earl Goldberg, Electrician II
November 2005 Peter Sierra, Modern Languages Lab tutoring coordinator
October 2005 Waleed Nasr, Multimedia Specialist
September 2005 Vivian Rankin-Scales, Program Coordinator at Emeritus
August 2005 Brant Looney, System Administrator at AET
July 2005 Marge Windish, Department Secretary, Music Department
June 2005 Karen Sasaki, Admissions and Records Clerk
May 2005 Carol Ring, Senior Graphic Artist
April 2005 Jim Serikawa, Media Services Technician
March 2005 Tom Carter, Events Technician
February 2005 Jackie Portal-Purdy, Administrative Assistant, Airport Campus
January 2005 Robert Ybarra, Lead Custodian
December 2004 Mark Kessler, Campus Police Officer
November 2004 Joanne Guercio, Administrative Assistant in Counseling
October 2004 Allyn Hawes, Skilled Maintenance Worker
September 2004 Library Circulation Staff: Wendy Jackson, Anna Rojas and Aurora Sealana