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SMC Center for
Environmental & Urban Studies

The CEUS is a living laboratory for sustainability, featuring innovative green building materials and practices. It provides information to help individuals become more efficient and lead a sustainable life that reduces impacts on the environment. The Center is home to student environmental clubs and committees working on campus sustainability initiatives and research, and headquarters for Sustainable Works.


Resource Library The CEUS offers books, articles, videos, and displays on subjects ranging from general environmental information to specific topics such as home solar-heating systems, environmental policy, and vegetarianism. 

Information/Coordination The CEUS offers information about local environmental events, academic programs, service learning opportunities, and local nonprofit organizations. The CEUS also offers informative ecotours upon request. 

Demonstration Gardens The CEUS features an all-native landscape, rain barrels, and demonstration vegetable garden. A few doors down (at 1718 and 1724 Pearl St., opposite the College) is “garden\garden.” The joint project with the City of Santa Monica is a public water-conservation experiment featuring two side-by-side residential gardens.






For information about the CEUS, please visit, call (310) 434-3909,
or drop by 1744 Pearl Street, Santa Monica.