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SMC’s national literary arts journal, published twice yearly, showcases the work of established authors alongside emerging writers, with a focus on West Coast fiction and nonfiction. Founded by novelist and SMC English instructor Jim Krusoe (Parsifal), the Review has presented readers experimental, thoughtful, and funny original writing—including essays and short stories by Gary Amdahl, Michelle Latiolais, and Diane Lefer—in 25 years of publication, and is considered a leading national journal. Recent work appears in the annual Best American Short Stories and PEN/O. Henry anthologies.

The fall 2015 issue, edited by Andrew Tonkovich, features fourteen short and long pieces from new and frequent favorite contributors, and showcases short stories by recent award winners, acclaimed novelists, and first-time-in-print and SMC creative writing student writers.

Frequent contributors Michael Cadnum (The Book of the Lion), Michael Jauchen, and Jeffrey Steven Moskowitz elevate language and voice in stylized, voice-driven narratives. Novelist Andrew Porter (The Theory of Light and Matter) shares a love story by way of a Loz Feliz landmark. Canadian Ann Lohner links a war at home to those abroad. Skye Anicca engages life in a nursing home.

Jonathan Keeperman and Julian Smith-Newman, both recent grads of UC Irvine’s creative writing MFA program, share gorgeous and self-conscious short stories, as does meta-funny Geoff Wyss (How).

Peter LaSalle (The City at Three P.M.) considers the writing life, Michael Guista (Brain Work) offers a realist heartbreaker, and MFC Covina (The Off-Season) just plain goes for it in a hilarious, digressive take-apart of duplicity and bravado.

The issue also proudly presents the work of SMC creative writing workshop student Susan Berman, and of first-time-in-print retired Los Angeles paramedic Philip Rowe, whose gritty, wry, and gentle short story previews his work on a novel.


Fall 2015 cover art: Andrea Bowers 

Santa Monica Review is sold at the SMR website (, SMC Bookstore, Beyond Baroque and Small World Books in Venice, and other local booksellers. Copies may also be ordered by mail and subscription. For more information, visit our website ( and “Like” us on Facebook.

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