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Sustainable Works—a nonprofit contracted by the City of Santa Monica and housed at SMC's Center
for Environmental & Urban Studies—offers programs that show individuals and businesses how to
adopt sustainable practices that improve quality of life, reduce impacts on the environment, and
save money. For more information, please visit the Sustainable Works website, call (310) 458-8716,
or drop by 1744 Pearl Street, Santa Monica.

​​Student Greening Program – SMC students are offered a free 8-week, noncredit workshop that highlights issues and solutions concerning water, energy, waste, chemicals, transportation, shopping, and food.

Green Business Program – Santa Monica businesses are offered free environmental assessments, a checklist of recommended actions, employee education sessions, and implementation guidance. Companies are encouraged to implement measures that achieve Green Certification. Visit the Santa Monica Green Business website for additional details ​and to sign up your business.

Student Green Programs