​​​Is Social Media the Best Way to Reach My Audience?

SMC Graduate

Before creating a social media account, ask yourself:

How can social media help my department/program meet its goals?

Creating an account because it seems popular is not the best reason to do it. Determine how social media helps you achieve your goals and objectives on a regular basis.

Who is the audience and is social media the right channel?

Are there other channels that might be more effective? It’s important to determine if your audience is already participating on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels.

Do you have the resources for content development and maintenance?

Consider the time and resources needed to keep your social media presence strong. Don’t create something you are unable to maintain long-term or execute successfully. Good social media requires consistency and quality.

​How to Get Started with Social Media

Are you able to answer the questions above?

  1. Make sure your social media account includes the SMC name. The shorter, the easier it is to remember.
    • Instagram and Twitter: @SMC_
    • Facebook: SMC ____ or ____ at SMC
  2. Email account info to websocialmedia@smc.edu and add as admin to:
  3. Post content 2 to 3 times a week at least.
    • Text: Keep it short and vary the content. Tag other accounts and locations if relevant. Hashtag is stylized as #ProudToBeSMC.
    • Graphics: Has less than 20% text. Do not use borders.
    • Photos: High-quality, engaging and vibrant photos.
  4. Share and engage with your audience.
    • Respond timely.
    • Be kind, helpful, and transparent.
    • Follow copyright and standards.
    • Be professional. Stay neutral and do not endorse.
    • Get expert responses when in doubt about inquiries or inappropriate posts.

Don't Want to Start an Account?

Promote on the main SMC channels! Send photos and text as timely as possible.

Web Content and Social Media Manager Regina Ip will work with you on how to best promote your event, program, activity, or announcement.

Need Help or Recommendations?

Email Web Content and Social Media Manager Regina Ip your social media and digital marketing questions.

About Social Media at SMC

Social media at SMC is an engaging way to get to know Santa Monica College!

In efforts to connect with its students, SMC has won social media awards from the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR) and Community College Public Relations Organization (CCPRO).​