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Retirement 2016


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Retirement Class of 2016 

We had an amazing celebration of our past and current retirees, 25-year employees, and our outstanding current managers, faculty, and staff.

View stories, photos, and messages from our retirees and their colleagues, and you may also share your own!

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  • Facebook  - Photos from the Retirement and Recognition 2016 event!

A full list of the 2015-16 retirees and 

25-year awardees who were honored:

  • Retirees

    Thomas Adshade

    Maria Alvarado

    Rebecca Anderson

    Teri Bernstein

    Ronald Burke

    Sandra Burnett

    Daniel Cano

    Consuelo Cardenas

    Ellen Cutler

    Georgia Farber

    Helen "Tina" Feiger

    James Geddes

    Karen Glusman

    Pat Halliday

    Craig Harris

    Paul Harris

    John Hoover

    William Kagan

    John Keil

    Debra Knox

    William Lancaster

    LeRoy Lauer

    Michael Marjanen

    Makoto Nishikawa

    Tony Prestby

    Christina Preciado

    Rosanne Rabito

    Nelson Sawyer

    Lantz Simpson

    Makiko Skrobak

    Noel Takamatsu

    Phyllis Trager

    Albert Vasquez

    Saundra Willis

    Christina Wioch

    Betty Wong

    Frederick Zimmerman

  • 25 Years of Service

    Martin Corpus

    Ellen Cutler

    Beatris Gaspar

    Ana Jara

    Ariana Morgenstern

    Audrey Morris

    Leroy Nakamura

    Steve Peterson

    Rogelio Rodriguez

    Martha Romano

    Elaine Roque

    Ramon Salcedo

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