The Center for Teaching Excellence, in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Research and the Office of Workforce and Economic Development, is offering this exciting opportunity to the CTE SMC community called "Data Coach"!


Data Coaching Mentors are available to help you find information about:

• Labor Market Information (demand, supply)

• Employment

• Earnings

• Student demographics

• Course enrollment and success

• Degree, certificate, pathway completion


This data can be used for

• Program Review

• Grant Applications

• New Program Applications




Request a Meeting with a Data Coach

Who:     The Data Coach Pilot Program is available to all CTE departments and faculty at SMC.

What:    Data Coaches can either:

          • Provide small group or departmental training on data tools, or
          • Provide 30-minute one-on-one assistance for faculty and program leaders who need focused data support at the pace appropriate for the faculty member

Where & When: TBD



These faculty have received approximately 12 hours of training on how to access, analyze, and utilize data for program review, departmental planning, grants, and other college processes.


Leigh Allen, Technical Theatre


How can I contact Leigh?


Stuart Cooley, Earth Science / Sustainable Technologies Program

How can I contact Stuart?

Gary Huff, Early Childhood/Education
How can I contact Gary?
David Javelosa, Design Technology/Entertainment - Game Development
How can I contact David?



Steven Sedky, Business Department
How can I contact Steven?