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SMC|Academic Affairs|The Center for Teaching Excellence|Tech Mentors Program

Tech Mentors Program


SMC faculty can provide free hands-on opportunities for faculty to receive personal training on tech tools presented during the upcoming Spring 2015 Technology Workshops. 


Tech Mentors are available for the following tools:

• WordPress
• Google Docs & Google Presentations
• Prezi
• One Drive
• Flipped Classroom

Who:     The Tech Mentor Program is available to all teaching faculty at SMC, after participating in any of the Spring 2015 Technology Workshops. To see the list of Spring 2015 Technology Workshops, click here.

What:    Faculty will receive one-on-one training at the pace appropriate for the faculty member.

Where & When: Faculty will set up a convenient location and time between themselves and the Tech Mentor.

Why:     To continue to practice and ask questions about using technology in the classroom. 



Meet the Tech Mentors, and contact them directly (information below).


WordPress - Jamie Cavanaugh, Design Technology Department


How do you use the technology? 
I have been using WordPress in my design practice and in the classroom for over 8 years. 
How can you assist faculty with this technology? 
I can assist faculty in integrating WordPress into their classroom. WordPress can be used to create instructor/course websites, student blogs/websites for a class, or project blogs/websites. Creating class materials online fosters more interaction. WordPress can help students visualize and support their thoughts with other media.
How can I contact you?


Google Docs/Google Presentations Janet Harclerode, ESL Department


How do you use the technology? 
I have used Google Docs for the past 5 years to share materials with colleagues and students, to develop support pages and post them to the web, and more recently to collect assignments from students to eliminate paper and allow for greater collaboration outside the classroom. 
How can you assist faculty with this technology? 
I am happy to show colleagues how to share materials, how to post materials on the web, and how to encourage collaboration among students (e.g., peer editing) using Google docs. 
How can I contact you?
Prezi - Julia Lange, Media Studies Department
How do you use the technology? 
I have been using Prezi in my Media Studies courses and at professional conferences for the past 4 years. 
How can you assist faculty with this technology? 
I can assist faculty with integrating Prezi into their classes.  Prezi can be used during lectures, student presentations, and as homework assignments.  The "canvas" layout of Prezi is an exciting way to engage students beyond the traditional slides of PowerPoint.
How can I contact you?
OneDrive - Odemaris Valdivia, CSIS/ Business Department
How do you use the technology? 
I have been using OneDrive (previous named SkyDrive) since 2008. Since this tool is free and comes with great apps, I have been teaching my students how to use it in the classroom for the past five years. 
How can you assist faculty with this technology? 
I can help faculty showing them how OneDrive can be applied on group projects since it has a collaboration feature. OneDrive also allows students to integrating PowerPoint, Excel and Word to their group or individual projects all through the cloud system.
How can I contact you?


The Flipped Classroom - Sehat Nauli, Physical Science

How do you use the technology?
Flipped classroom is a method whereby students are asked to prepare by watching a series of videos that are created by the instructor prior to coming in to class. In class, students apply the knowledge they learn in those videos in group discussions, team project, instructor-led discussions and other collaborative and cooperative learning activities. Minimal lecture (passive learning) takes place during class. This is what I have implemented in my chemistry class.
How can you assist faculty with this technology?
I can assist other faculty in screencasting (creating, uploading, captioning videos) tools, Google Forms for creating online questionnaires and website creation for their content. I can also assist them in planning in-class activities to do once they decide to flip their classes.
How can I contact you?



Calibrated Peer Review  (CPR)  - Stephen Londe, Life Science
How do you use the technology?
I have used Calibrated Peer Review  (CPR) here at SMC for ten years. It is a student assessed writing program using four basic assignments. The Biology of  Learning assignment instructs them in study methods, turning information into knowledge and  comparing their study techniques to that recommended by a  Learning Styles Survey.  A second assignment leads them through a library search and compares assigned internet searches with several search engines including google and google scholar. A third assignment has them review a scientific paper and finally there are several assignments in which students answer the study guide questions of  my introductory biology course.  In each case, they review and assess other students submissions and thereby gain analytical experience as well as a full set of study guide answers in preparation for their exams.
How can you assist faculty with this technology?
I have mentored several faculty members, helping set up assignments, providing CPR teaching manuals, and giving hands on experience with the program.
How can I contact you?