Start Enrolling for Winter Session on November 8

Take advantage of shorter sessions. Enrollment starts on November 8 for continuing students and November 15 for new and returning students.


Get Started Soon!

Open Classes


If you don’t currently attend Santa Monica College, fill out an application online at for admission. Then sign up for classes online at your appointed date and time. Our campus is filled with dedicated people who want you to succeed, so if you need help, please ask!

Take a shortcut to becoming an SMC student!

Our Welcome Center offers new students a “one-stop shop” for admission, enrollment, orientation, academic counseling, financial aid, and more. No appointment necessary—just walk in the door! The Welcome Center (number 32 on the campus map) is located next to the Health Services Center.

Fast track your General Education needs

Accelerate meeting your General Education requirements by enrolling in special short-term classes.

Free Parking and Shuttle Service

Students can park for free and ride the free shuttle service from an off-campus shuttle lot. Visit for the most current parking and transit information.

Statement of Equal Opportunity

Santa Monica College is committed to equal opportunity in all of its academic programs and is in compliance with Equal Opportunity standards as required by Federal and State laws and District policy. Unless specifically exempted by statute or regulation, ALL SMC COURSES ARE OPEN TO ENROLLMENT AND PARTICIPATION BY ANY PERSON WHO HAS BEEN ADMITTED TO THE COLLEGE AND MEETS THE COURSE PREREQUISITES.

Santa Monica College provides a variety of support services to individuals with disabilities. 

If you require a disability accommodation to attend or participate in a class or event at SMC, please contact Stephanie Schlatter at or (310) 434-4313 (video phone: (424) 238-1635) at least 5 business days in advance.