Noncredit ESL Orientation

The New Student Orientation is a time when students take an appraisal test, learn about the school and program, and determine which courses they should enroll in.

Noncredit ESL Career Options Workshop

During a Career Options Workshop students will learn about themselves, identify possible career options, and plan first steps towards their career goal.

Noncredit ESL Resume Writing Workshop

Students will be able to recognize the three general types of resumes used in the USA, choose a type that best suits their needs, and write a basic resume.

Noncredit ESL Job Search Strategies Workshop

This workshop will help students learn how to search for a job in the USA.

Noncredit ESL Learning Styles Workshop

Students will learn about the three learning styles (Auditory, Visual, and Tactile/Kinesthetic). Students will be able to determine which is their preferred learning style and how best to study given their preferred style.

Noncredit ESL How to Prepare for a Job Interview in the USA

Students will learn how to prepare for an interview, how be successful during the interview and how to appropriately follow-up after an interview.

Noncredit ESL How to Prepare for the Math/ESL Placement Assessment

This workshop is for students who are thinking of taking classes on main campus (credit). Before student enrollment in credit classes students must take an ESL assessment test to determine your English class placement level and math assessment to determine math placement. This workshop will teach you how to prepare to take the ESL/Math assessment.

Noncredit ESL Residency Specialist

This is an opportunity to discuss your immigration status with SMC's Residency Specialist. The Residency Specialist will let you know if you can take classes on SMC's main campus for credit and what it will cost.

Noncredit ESL Chrysalis

Chrysalis is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and low income individuals by providing resources and support needed to find and retain employment. Come learn about what resources may be available to help you succeed.

Noncredit ESL Donut Days with a Counselor

Enjoy a donut and get your questions answered by the Noncredit ESL Counselor