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SMC Emeritus College Advisory Council​
The Emeritus College Executive Council (ECEC) name has been changed to the Emeritus College Advisory Council (ECAC) to better reflect the function of this group.  The Council continues to be an advocate for students, ensuring that a broad range of noncredit classes are provided for lifelong learning.  More details on the restructuring of the Council will be shared in the coming months.  Feel free to periodically check the Emeritus College website and your SMC email for Council updates.



Members 2015— 2016


Marsha FrankerMarsha Franker
I am a native Southern Californian and have been taking Emeritus classes for the last three years.  While raising three children, I received my B.A. from UCLA and an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University.   I found it impossible to leave the educational milieu and I pursued a rewarding career in student services at two small, private colleges.
Believing in lifelong learning, Emeritus affords me the opportunity to study subjects that have always interested me, but for which I didn't have time to pursue before my retirement years.  I have met many interesting students and have made new friends.  I want to make a contribution toward sustaining and advancing this beloved institution.


Charlotte HorsteinCharlotte Horstein 
I taught nursing for the Los Angeles Community College District and specialized in gerontology which I taught in hospitals and in many community centers.  I received a Master's in Pediatrics and Education from UCLA in 1974.  My Ed.D. is from Pepperdine University in 1997 in Education and Institutional Management. 

I hope to promote and assist the educational classes at Emeritus College in any way possible. I have lived in West Los Angeles for many years and have two children.

Barrett.jpgAlfred Barrett

I was born in New Hampshire, lived in N.Y.C. until fourteen and graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in Civil Engineering.
I have 43 years of experience as an aerospace engineer and engineering manager, including four years working on the Apollo Program.  I am fortunate to have two wonderful children, four amazing grandchildren, and a supportive wife.
I want to do what I can to promote and enhance the SMC Emeritus College, a true treasure for the residents of Santa Monica and nearby communities.  


Carole Bender.jpgCarole Bender

I was born in New York City, received my B.A. in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin, my MSW from Columbia University School of Social Work and my J.D. degree from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.  For most of my professional life, I have worked in the fields of Child Mental Health Services and Child Welfare Training Programs affiliated with Albert Einstein College of Medicine, UCLA Department of Child Psychiatry, USC School of Social Work and the UCLA Department of Social Welfare.

Since retiring in 2011, I have enjoyed taking several protography and current events classes at Emeritus College.  I would like to use my organizational, advocacy and curriculum development skills to ensure the continued programmatic excellence of Emeritus College.



 Walter CoronelWalter Coronel

I was born in Holland and came to the United States in 1947.  I attended Hollywood High School and several years of college at LA City College and UCLA.  I worked for PacTel and AT&T until 1990.

I have two children, my son Ken is a lawyer, and my daughter Debi is an events planner.  I have eight grandchildren.

I have been attending Emeritus College since 2006.  In 2011 I became the Chair for the Emeritus Fundraising Committee.  I enjoy the challenge of fundraising and look forward to continuing in this position.  In 2012, I became a member of the Advisory Council. As a member of the Advisory Council, I hope to maintain the standards of our school.  

Beverly FischerBeverly Fischer

I am a graduate of The City College of New York with a B.B.A. in Advertising and earned an M.A. in Education from Adelphi University.  I am married with four children.  My husband and I had a gift and china shop for 13 years in Bay Shore, Long Island, NY.  I was a teacher for 27 years in Brentwood, Long Island, NY and after retiring, I volunteered tutoring homeless children in the district where I taught.  

I moved to California in 2001 and three of our children have also settled here.  I have been attending and enjoying Emeritus College since I arrived.  


Jeff.jpgJeff Hogue
I graduated from MIT in 1963 with a B.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics. I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1967 with a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering with interests in flight and simulation. I was a California Registered Professional Engineer, project manager, and inventor (a parachute flight simulator which is in use world wide), retiring in 2009 after 26 years from a small aerospace company.

Since retiring, I've been an active volunteer with several organizations.  Currently I am a volunteer at LAX providing information to travelers, and at Emeritus where I've also enjoyed attending classes.  I have a strong belief that participating in and helping to foster lifelong education is critical. Emeritus College does an outstanding job in that regard, and I look to supporting lifelong learning.

 Natalie.jpgNatalie Newman 
I was born in Chicago and came to California in the early 60’s.  I am a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.  My passion has been my family and a life long involvement with learning and education.  I have a B.A. from the University of Michigan, graduate degrees (M.A.’s) from UCLA and Loyola Marymount.
My professional career began as a teacher.  I have worked at the UCLA’s Child Division of NPI (Neuropsychiatric Institute) and the Educational Psychology section of the outpatient department.  I was Director of the Learning Disabilities Clinic.  I retired from UCLA in 1993.  Post retirement I remained a consultant to NPI and developed a private practice.
Emeritus College has been the most important part of my semi retirement years.  I am delighted to be on the ECAC with my goal of enabling this wonderful Institution to continue to be viable and remain as a positive force in the Community -- A Learning Haven for Older Adults.   



Lidia Rubenstein.JPGLidia Rubenstein

I am retired after more than 40 years as an OB-GYN physician and Associate Professor from UCLA. 

Since 2008 I have been a Student at Emeritus College where I renewed contact with old friends and gained new ones.

Harvey StrombergHarvey Stromberg

I have been involved with Emeritus College since the 1970's when I started teaching American History at Santa Monica College.  In 2010, I retired after 40 years of teaching on the main Santa Monica College campus and returned to teach Current Events for my "first love" - the Emeritus Program. 
During the 1980's and 1990's, I was lucky enough to have produced my own talk show on National Public Radio (NPR) and found that to be a great learning experience.  I am very fortunate to be able to teach seniors with many years of life experiences and over the decades, I have learned a lot more from them than they have learned from me.
One of the goals that I hope to achieve as part of the Advisory Council is to find ways to incorporate parts of this program with some aspects of the main SMC campus.  For example, I would like to see some of our students serve as tutors to some of the pupils at SMC.
It is with great excitement and personal challenge that I look forward to serving as a member of this council.

Robert Stern.bmpRobert Stern

I am a graduate of Pomona College and Stanford Law School. I am past President of the Center for Governmental Studies, based in Los Angeles, and was the first general counsel of the California Fair Political Practices Commission, the agency in charge of administering California’s campaign disclosure, ethics and lobbying laws.  I was a principal co-author of the Political Reform Act of 1974 (Proposition 9), passed by 70% of California’s voters, and a principal drafter of the City of Los Angeles’ Ethics and Public Campaign Financing laws. 

My wife and I have taken a number of Emeritus classes.  I am amazed at the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Emeritus instructors.  Because of Emeritus, my wife has become a full-time poet and has published a book with 17 women from around the world. 



Helen WachsHelen Wachs
I am honored to be a member of the Emeritus College Advisory Council. I was born in New York City, and received my BA from Hunter College of the City University of New York, my MA in history from Northwestern University, and a Certificate in Gerontology from the University of Southern California. 
I worked as a high school history and English teacher, and also worked in the field of Aging for more than twenty years.   I am married, have two grown married children and two wonderful grandchildren. 



Photos provided courtesy of Judy Blits and Gerald Schneir