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EC News and Information Updates

November 1, 2013
If you recall, one year ago there was no Emeritus winter session.  This year, we have limited state funding and will be offering about 25 state funded classes in the winter.  These classes are being generally offered to instructors who did not receive Emeritus assignments in the fall 2013 semester. 
Following is a question and answer to address questions about the winter 2014 session.
Q.       How were the classes chosen that are being offered in the winter session?
A.       Classes are generally being offered to students in course areas that were not offered in the fall.  This gives students an opportunity to take classes and increases access to classes for all the students.
Q.       Are there going to be more reductions in the number of classes for the spring 2014 semester?
A.       No.  The spring semester is being planned now and will be similar to our current fall semester.       
Q.       Why is the limit for enrolling in the winter session, just one class per student? 
A.       Since there are limited classes being offered during the winter session, the decision was made to limit enrollment to one class per student.  We are still considering this and may make some changes after the initial enrollment period concludes.
Q.       Some students have said that AB 86 eliminates funding for programs such as Emeritus.  Would you explain this?
A.       AB 86 focuses on a very different area of non-credit adult education, and involves the planning of regional consortia and partnerships with the K-12 districts.  The focus of this bill is primarily on Career Technical Education, basic skills, education for immigrants, and programs for individuals with disabilities.  The law requires partnerships to be formed between community college non-credit adult education with the K-12 school districts.  AB 86 is not focused on non-credit Older Adult education.
Q.       How can we stay updated on what is happening at Emeritus? 
A.       We plan on sending out email blasts to the Emeritus student community via their SMC email account.  If you have difficulty with your SMC email account, please visit our mini-lab and they can assist you.  Please have your SMC ID# and password available for the volunteer to assist you.
Q.       Why can’t you send emails to my personal email account?
A.       Sending out 3500 emails would not be allowed by Google and Yahoo and the other large email servers.  Emeritus would be identified as a junk mail sender and our emails would be blocked from those websites.  You may link your SMC student email account to your personal account.
Q.       Do things look better for Emeritus College?
A.       That we are having a winter session is certainly an improvement over last year.  Our Board of Trustees is resolved in their commitment to Emeritus College.  We will provide an additional legislative update in the New Year as we receive more information from the state.