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How to Enroll / Add Classes 

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Below are instructions on how to enroll in Emeritus College classes, whether you are enrolling for the first time, you are returning after taking a few semesters off, or if you are a continuing student.  We also have instructions on how to apply online or by using a paper application.  To view the classes offered, you can pick up a printed class catalog at Emeritus College or click on the link for the semester of interest in the left-side menu under the section titled "Schedule of Classes."

New Students   

New students are those without a Santa Monica College (SMC)  Student Identification number. New students must register/enroll in person at the Emeritus College Enrollment Services Office and provide a picture ID in order for their paper application to be processed and to receive their permanent student ID number. The large Application Forms can be found on the back page of the printed class schedules or can also be found online by clicking the Application Form link in the left-hand menu.

Returning Students

Returning students are those absent from classes for three semesters or more. They must use a large Application Form to enroll in classes again. The large Application Forms can be found on the back page of the printed class schedules or can also be found online by clicking the Application Form link in the left-hand menu.

Continuing Students  

Continuing students are students actively enrolled in the present or either of the previous 2 semesters. Continuing students may enroll themselves online or use a paper form. One week prior to the start of enrollment, Continuing Student Enrollment Cards are mailed to the address on record. Listed at the top of the form is a randomly selected online enrollment appointment date/time. You may enroll online using the SMC Corsair Connect Enrollment System on your appointment date/time or anytime thereafter. If you are not assigned an online enrollment appointment, you cannot enroll online and must fill out a paper form to enroll (either use the Continuing Student Enrollment Card or an Application Form available in the back of a printed class schedule or online by clicking the Application Form link in the left-side menu).

Continuing Students who received an online enrollment appointment are the only students who are eligible to use authorization codes given to them by faculty to self-enroll online in closed classes after the start of the semester. If you receive an authorization code from a professor for a closed class, enroll yourself in the class online to get yourself processed into the class faster than submitting a paper add card to the Enrollment Services office.

Online Enrollment  

Online enrollment appointments are computer generated and randomly selected. Online enrollment gives continuing students the best odds for successful enrollment. Enroll online on your appointment date/time or any time thereafter. Emeritus College mini computer lab volunteers can assist students with online enrollment when the mini lab is open. Go to room #209 during the first week of the enrollment period and use this great service! Mini lab hours are posted on the door and usually are from 9am – 4pm during the first week of enrollment. If a volunteer is unavailable, the mini lab will close that day. For helpful information online:

Click the links located at the left-hand menu under the Enrollment at Emeritus College section. There you will find helpful links, such as:

  • Instructions - Online Enrollment - This document provides step-by-step instructions with computer screenshots (pictures) of how to enroll online using Corsair Connect
  • Corsair Connect (Online Enrollment & SMC Email) - SMC's system for enrolling online and also where you can check your SMC emails to hear news from faculty, staff and the SMC District offices
  • Searchable Schedule - Allows you to search Emeritus classes to see which ones still have seats available

Paper Application Enrollment  

Students using the paper Application Form may mail or drop off forms no earlier than the official first day of enrollment to the Emeritus College Enrollment Services Office at 1227 Second Street, Santa Monica. Paper enrollment forms are processed after all the online appointments have expired, with mailed-in forms taking precedence. 


  • Mailed forms are processed prior to hand-delivered forms on a daily basis. Postmarks are used to determine processing order.
  • Fill out all forms completely, sign, date and provide an emergency contact/number on the form.
  • List courses in priority order; do not enroll in duplicate sections of the same course or classes that overlap in time.
  • Write “Alt” to indicate your 2nd choice for a better chance of receiving a course of your choice. 

Not Able to Enroll?     

If you are unable to enroll because of missing application information, a required matriculation code change, unpaid credit course fees, a records hold, or disqualification status, call the Emeritus College office for information: 310.434.4306.  If you are unable to enroll due to a closed class, please see section below on closed classes. If you are unable to enroll online due to a technical challenge, we will refer you to the mini computer lab volunteers in room #209 to assist you with online enrollment. Please use this great student service. Due to a small staff, we are unable to train students to enroll online over the telephone.

Transaction Receipt / Confirmation of Online Enrollment  

Students enrolling online will not receive a mailed transactions receipt from Emeritus College. They must print their transaction receipts from the SMC Corsair Connect online enrollment system. If you have submitted a paper application for enrollment, you will receive a transaction receipt via US mail. If a class you selected is not listed: that indicates the class was full, there was a time conflict, or you tried to enroll in two sections of the same course. ID#s are listed on the upper left hand of the confirmation/receipt. BRING YOUR RECEIPT TO THE FIRST CLASS(ES) or TO THE OFFICE IF YOU HAVE ENROLLMENT QUESTIONS.

Closed Classes    

Class sections reopen automatically when students drop. Check for openings periodically by using the online Searchable Schedule found in the left-hand menu above. For closed classes, approach the instructor at the first meeting and request an AUTHORIZATION CODE to enroll yourself in the class online, or ask the professor to sign an add card/continuing student form and submit the card to the Enrollment Services Office on the first floor of Emeritus College. The AUTHORIZATION CODE is a one-time code to add via the Corsair Connect web enrollment system. Please note the expiration date of authorization codes.


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