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Community Events  


This page is a space to post news and events.  Emeritus College is not endorsing these postings, but simply sharing them as a public service for students and the broader community.  If you would like to have a flyer posted on this website, please email it for consideration to:  

1450 Ocean Current Events Calendar.pdf1450 Ocean Current Events Calendar.pdf

SM History Museum Volunteers April 16.pdf

Vacancies Notice 2016doc.docVacancies Notice 2016doc.doc

ECAC Application Form.pdfECAC Application Form.pdf

SMC Appoints Gita Runkle Associate Dean.pdfSMC Appoints Gita Runkle Associate Dean.pdf

Seeking Volunteers for USC Research.pdfSeeking Volunteers for USC Research.pdf

Grandparent Scam - Beware!.pdfGrandparent Scam - Beware!.pdf

JFS Health and Wellness Coach Volunteer.pdfJFS Health and Wellness Coach Volunteer.pdf

AARP Tuesday Free Help Day.pdfAARP Tuesday Free Help Day.pdf


Wise Healthy Aging Bereavement Class.pdfWise Healthy Aging Bereavement Class.pdf

Men's support group.pdfMen's support group.pdf

  Emeritus Students Union ​(