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​​Welcome to Emeritus College

​A Program of Santa Monica College ​for the Older Adult Community 

Emeritus Main Campus Building

Emeritus College offers a broad range of non-credit classes t​hat caters to the olde​r adult community. Perhaps you are interested in acquiring a new skill, learning healthy living strategies, expressing your artistic side, or meeting others who share your interests. We are committed to lifelong learning, so whatever your motivation, we welcome you to the Emeritus family!

Classes take place at the Emeritus College campus, located at 1227 2nd St​reet in Santa Monica, as well as at community sites located throughout the cities of Malibu and Santa Monica.

To register and become a part of the Emeritus College community or to make a donation, click on the below helpful links: ​
​​Photo elderly man and woman in art class
Seniors reading Romeo and Juliet in class
Elderly women in computer class

Senior women in exercise class
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Emeritus College

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