Process to Adopt OER @ SMC

Instructions for faculty:

  • Provide a PDF to Reprographics to create an ISBN and generate printed copies for the Bookstore on- demand printing. If the OER is available in ready-bound printed text (e.g. OpenStax), you can skip this step. Faculty can request extra copies be purchased for the library (up to 5 copies). Reprographics will provide a free desktop copy to the requesting faculty. Contact Jinan Darwiche for details.

  • Ensure the section (or sections) adopting the OER be marked in the schedule of classes so students can filter for such sections. To mark your section, logon mProfessor then click "Uses OER/Zero Textbook" next to the course that uses OER or Zero cost book. You can click it again to remove the designation.

  • In the Bookstore database (requisition) Enter the proper textbook title ending it with "OER textbook, available free online" at the bookstore database. For non-OpenStax book, complete the Declaration of Copyright Form. Questions on this form must be sent to

  • Inform students where the OER can be accessed by providing a link or PDF or both via email and/or in the course management system.

  • Consider attending our workshops and or view prior workshop slides or recordings from Workshops.

  • Contact an OER Team member for assistance.