Faculty are encouraged to bring their classes to the Library for a one-hour orientation.  These sessions are conducted by faculty librarians and are designed to introduce your students to the library's wealth of resources and to strengthen their research skills.  Sessions cover both paper and electronic resources.  The library orientations are taught in a computer-classroom environment, providing students with hands-on experience.

To schedule your orientation, please use our online form. Or if you wish you can call the Reference Desk at (310) 434-4254 or stop by the Reference Desk.  The earlier you make the reservation, the better chances you have of getting the date(s) you desire.

Reservations for an orientation must be made 48 hours in advance in order for the librarians to adequately prepare for the library sessions.

We request the presence of the classroom instructor during the orientation, because we have found these sessions are much more successful when the faculty member is present.

The most effective sessions are those where the instructor has given the students an assignment requiring the use of library resources.  If you have an assignment, please make sure to send it to the librarian prior to your orientation.

Please take a look at these helpful tips when planning library research assignments.