Terry O’Day is Director of California Business Development for NRG EV Services and serves as a member of the Santa Monica City Council. Terry was first elected to the Santa Monica City Council in November 2010, and re-elected in 2012. Prior to serving on the City Council, he was Chair of the city’s Planning Commission. The City has 90,000 residents, a $650 million annual budget, 1,700 employees and a AAA credit rating. Terry led a ten-year process to update the City’s General Plan – the leading example of environmental land use planning in the state, reducing per capita greenhouse gas emissions from land use by 31 percent by 2030.

NRG EV Services provides affordable, comprehensive charging plans and charging networks that provide range confidence throughout the metropolitan areas where electric vehicles operate. The parent company, NRG Energy, is a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 Company that owns and operates one of the country's largest and most diverse power generation portfolios.  The company has committed over $35 million in capital to develop the infrastructure required for electric vehicles to achieve market success.

Previously, Terry was Executive Director of Environment Now foundation. Founded by the family of Frank and Luanne Wells in 1989, Environment Now is known as a strategic, entrepreneurial, activist leader in California, having founded more than a dozen lasting, successful organizations like the Waterkeepers in California and Mexico and Energy Independence Now. Terry’s achievements included founding ten Waterkeeper programs now defending over 1,000 miles of coastline, developing an alliance that led to a $40 billion transit initiative in L.A. County in 2008, and protecting hundreds of thousands of forestland acres throughout the state. His two predecessors departed the foundation to become Secretaries of the California Natural Resources and the California Environmental Protection Agencies, respectively.

He also is co-founder of Move LA, a collaboration of business, labor and environmental organizations, including the LA Area Chamber of Commerce, the LA Business Federation, LA County AFL-CIO, and Building Trades Council of LA and Orange Counties. Move LA devised Measure R, which raised $40 billion in new funding for transit and transportation investment through a half-cent sales tax approved by LA County voters in November 2008 with 68 percent of the vote. Terry signed the ballot argument in favor of Measure R that was distributed to all LA County voters.

Terry is also past president of EV Rental Cars, a company he co-founded in 1998. It was the first rental company in the United States to offer only environmental vehicles, such as hybrid, natural gas, and electric cars to the general public. It served fifteen airports in six states and more than 500,000 customers, with over 700 cars, broadening access to clean fuel vehicles and developing markets for new sustainable technologies. Terry and his partners earned awards from the Coalition for Clean Air, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Council on Economic Priorities. They were featured in Newsweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Business Week.

Terry has advised sustainable technology companies addressing solar, wind, and conventional energy production, manufacturing, electric vehicles, natural gas vehicles, and logistics, as well as public agencies including the Metropolitan Water District. He holds an MBA from The UCLA Anderson School of Management and completed the Coro Public Affairs Fellows Program in Los Angeles. He received a BA with honors in Public Policy at Stanford University, with a thesis addressing public finance and demand management of electricity. He has been active with community organizations throughout California and Mexico, including Coro Southern California, the USC Center for Sustainable Cities, the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, Human Rights Watch California Committee, Environmental Entrepreneurs, the Weingart Center and as the Board Chair of the Coalition for Clean Air. ​