These people have G.R.I.T!

Thank you for pledging to take action

Brenda BensonDean of Counselingto wash clothes in cold water and to teach and model principles of sustainability to my 13 year old son
Alexandra TowerLife Scienceinstall a solar water heater in my home
Christine SchultzPhilosophy and Social ScienceI pledge to eat neither meat nor chicken for the rest of the year (maybe life; we'll see how this goes) and to use cloth bags rather than plastic
Lisa BurnsCenter for Environmental and Urban Studiesgrow most of my own veggies and herbs, eat meat no more than 2 times a week
Janet HarclerodeEnglish; Senate Presidentbike or walk only, no driving, within 5 miles of my house (rain, shine, or wind); wash clothes only on sunny days (to avoid using the dryer) and only 1 load per week.
Bill SelbyEarth Sciencemake smarter energy and resource use decisions that save money and lead to a healthier, more efficient, and happier life in the long run.
Greg DaubenspeckEnglishMy wife and I have made a conscious effort (for many years now) to try to reduce our carbon footprints. We pledge to continue to 1) use public transportation and walking as our primary means of transportation, to 2) bring and use reusable bags instead of plastic bags, to 3) not buy bottled water, to 4) not use air-conditioning, unless it is absolutely necessary, to 5) unplug electronic devices that are not in use, to 6) do errands in one trip, to 7) recycle, and to 8) use cold water to wash clothes (#8 will be a new change for us to add to our existing list).
Deayna HearnStudent Lifecontinue to only use reusable shopping bags; unplug my various appliances when not in use; and take shorter showers
Garen BaghdasarianLife ScienceI will eat less meat, buy more local organic food, walk to work more often, cancel my junk mail, and vote this November with environmental issues in mind
Parker JeanAssociated Student; Presidentwill not purchase plastic water bottles, will reduce consumption of red meat and will shop at local farmers markets
Eric OiferPolitical Sciencewill not purchase an SMC parking permit
Amber KatherinePhilosophymeatless Mondays and continue riding bike to work
Susan AminoffTrusteewill do more to energy proof home
Judy NeveauPresident’s Officeuse reusable shopping bags, group errands and walk to do errands whenever possible
Mary FonsecaEnglishwill eat less meat and bike more often
Aned MunizModern Languageswill grow spices and alter bed time to reduce electricity use
Sharyn ObsatzCommunicationswill purchase and use glass water bottle and promote the benefits of electric vehicle
Nahalia SamuelsDisable Students Centerwill switch water heater to vacation mode and energy-proof home
Marissa TiamfookKinesiologytake a bike or bus to smc twice per week, unplug appliances when not in use, reduce use of A/C
Carole McCaskillHealth Sciencesuse cold water to wash clothes, use reusable shopping bags and unplug appliances when not in use
Ming LetaArtwill use sustainable transportation