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SMC is known for its innovative environmental programs and wide offerings of high-quality environmental classes. In fact, the institution is a leader in campus sustainability in the CA Community College system. Sustainability can be found in everything we do from campus facilities and buildings to student life including classes and degrees. It's a part of our culture.

Campus sustainability provides students who want to experience the challenge of solving real-world problems with opportunities to apply their learning in ways that prepare them for future careers. Leaders in campus sustainability challenge our higher education institutions to “educate students for character and citizenship as much for commerce and career.”

Our mission to prepare students for global citizenship necessitates educating them in principles of sustainability and engaging them in a step-by-step process of implementing such principles on a daily basis.

Environmental Certificates and Degrees

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Buildings and Facilities

All new buildings will be built to LEED Gold or higher.

Buildings and Facilities

Sustainability Jobs for SMC Students

If you qualify for Federal Work-Study and are interested in a job at the Center of Environmental and Urban Studies, please check the College Central Network for details.

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