• Please support the Art History Program by donating through the SMC Foundation.
    Thank you.

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We are asking you to please make a contribution to the Art history program at Santa Monica College.  Just click on the link that follows and you will be directed to the Santa Monica College Foundation Donation Page.

Teaching at Santa Monica College (SMC) since 2002, we have grown the Art History program into a major part of overall campus life – sponsoring numerous lectures, symposiums, workshops and other cultural activities.

Your tax-deductible donation will go directly into helping create an Art History program endowment to provide an ongoing funding source to continue our department’s important work – and continue to have a significant impact on our students, the faculty that serve them and the larger community.

Just recently, SMC Art History partnered with several internal divisions and external organizations, including LACMA and the Art Historians of Southern California, to bring Dr. Larry Shiner from the University of Illinois to speak and interact with our faculty, students and the larger community. Help us continue to offer this type of programming through a tax-deductible donation to help endow this fund.