One of the primary functions of Santa Monica College is to provide state-of-the- art Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. These programs and associated curricula must be carefully planned to insure appropriate training design that meets the reasonable expectations of employers in the geographical service areas.

The main purpose of the advisory committees is to establish partnerships among the college’s CTE staff, and members of the local community representing business, industry, labor, and government. One of the many objectives for advisory committees is to provide input and recommendations to the faculty and administration.

This input drives the changes needed in the operation of CTE programs to improve, expand, and innovate. Input from advisory committees is essential to the success and continuance of effective CTE programs that produce graduates qualified for jobs. It is through the efforts of such committee members that the students of Santa Monica College will benefit.​

  • Pamela Anderson
    Business Consultant
    PD Anderson Consulting Inc.

    Alissa Bell
    Audit Campus Recruiter
    Deloitte & Touche

    Marygail Brauner, Ph.D.
    Senior Operation Research Analyst
    The RAND Corporation
    Don’t burn your bridges. When you leave a job, leave on good terms. If you really want to fire off that email: wait. You never know. Don’t fill in the “to” until you have taken a while to think about whether you should send the communication.

    Dr. Beverly Biggs, Ed.D.
    Legal Support Administrator
    Department of Justice
    1) We are in a new world and everything is in flux. There are budget reductions. You need multiple skills and you need to be adaptable. 2) Be organized. Organize your information. Develop a career portfolio. 3) Be able to sell yourself in a presentation. 4) Learn cultural etiquette. 5) Have fun.

    Baldwin T. Chin, CIMA®
    Senior Vice President-Wealth Management
    Merrill Lynch

    Mark Fuglevand Tax Department Fox Entertainment Group

    Christina Hsu
    New Media Consultant
    Never underestimate the power of networking. You can network anywhere. Extra-curriculars are important, organizations are important, church and other community connections are important. Sometimes you can’t “pay back” the help or advice that you received from a contact…if that is the case, just “pay it forward” and let your contact know you have done so.

    Moises Gomez
    Manager, Corporate Audit Services
    Amgen Inc.

    John Halliday
    Senior Operations Researcher
    The Rand Corporation
    I want to get down to specific skills: Microsoft Office—spreadsheets, written communication, and presentation software. Students need to be able to use these tools with confidence and mastery. Written communication is important. How to prepare and tell a story with a Powerpoint is important. Secondly, with respect to the “soft skills” area: Thinking about the consequences of a decision is critical to effectiveness—what will the reaction of other people be to that decision? What might the unintended consequences be?

    Syed Haneef
    Director of Human Resources
    Gibson Overseas Inc.

    Norman Harris
    Customs Manager
    Panalpina, Inc.

    George Hynes
    Logistic Edge

    Monique Jackson
    HR Recruiting Specialist
    Pacific Park

  • Ken Kessler
    Sander A. Kessler & Associates Inc.
    Follow up from the original contact made with a potential employer. Make a personal connection. Deliver on any commitments.

    Lisa Kludjian
    Human Resource Director
    The Walt Disney Studio

    Ken Miller
    Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers

    David Nelson
    Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers

    Brandon Parker
    Parker Sorenson Luxury Service Solutions

    Carmen Palafox
    VP of Investment Operation
    Dimensional Fund Advisors

    Winny Poon
    Executive Director, Finance & Accounting
    Warner Brothers Entertainment

    Mary Ann Powell
    Pacific Park

    Phil Ramsdal
    Transport Solutions, LLC

    Laurel Rosen
    President & CEO
    Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

    Susan Twomey
    Tessler, Rubin & Company

    Ben Van Roo
    The Rand Corporation

    Al Shepetuk
    Calif. Transportation & Logistics Institute

    Paul Shapiro, CPA
    Paul G. Shapiro CPA
    Underpromise & over deliver. Be humble. Always be curious. Before asking someone for help, ask how you can help them. Network, network, network.

    Roberta Suied
    Employee Relations
    The Aerospace Corporarion

    Todd Thomas
    Branch Manager
    Expeditors International

    Tish Tisherman
    Staff Support, Inc.

    Carolyn D. Trader
    Sr. Managing Partner
    TMI Consulting Group

    Andrew J. Valdivia, CPCU, ARM
    White & Company Insurance Inc.

    Chelley Wilkes
    Corporate Recruiter
    CaseStack Inc.