3 Units
Advisory: None

Catalog Description:

This course is an introductory course dealing with the maintenance and operation of the modern automobile. The course familiarizes the student with career opportunities in the automotive industry. Also covered are tools and equipment and safe working practices in the automotive industry.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:
A.    Describe the major automotive components
B.    Describe by name and function the common automotive hand tools
C.    Describe by name and function the component parts of an engine
D.    Describe different engine and drive systems used in automobiles
E.    Describe common and alternative fuels used in automobiles
F.    Describe the oil rating system for viscosity and quality
G.    Perform a specific gravity test on the engine coolant
H.    Perform a car battery, starter, and alternator test
I.    Describe the condition necessary to produce photo chemical smog
J.    Connect a modern automotive scan tool to a vehicle and communicate with the vehicles computer system.
K.    Check all the fluid levels of all the different systems and properly identify appropriate fluid for each system
L.    Describe different suspension systems used and identify the major system parts
M.    Identify the major brake system components and the component function

Course Content:

6%  Safety and Shop Practice
6%  Common Automotive Tools
6%  Engine Fundamentals
6%  Engine Types and Alternative Power Systems
6%  Conventional and Alternative Fuel Systems
6%  Lubrications Systems and Fluid Types
6%  Cooling Systems and Coolant Types
6%  Electrical Fundamentals
6%  Starting and Charging Systems
4%  Ignition Systems
6%  Emission Theory and Emission Systems
6%  Manual and Automatic Transmissions
6%  Drive Line and Drive Axles
6%  Suspension Systems and Shock Absorbers
8%  Foundation and Antilock Brake Systems
6%  Air Conditioning and Accessories
4%  Restraint Systems