3 Units
Prerequisite: None
Advisory:  English 1

This course provides students with an overview of business in an increasingly global society. Students will complete the course with knowledge of the general business environment, economic systems, business ethics, operations and project management, and technology and information systems. In addition, students will learn the fundamentals of economics, business ownership, entrepreneurship, finance, management and marketing. Key themes woven throughout the course include exploration of career options and development of business problem-solving skills.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:
1. Describe the functional areas of business.
2. Explain factors that influence the business environment.
3. Identify distinguishing characteristics of business formation.
4. Examine the key functions of management.
5. Describe the role of product, price, place and promotion in marketing.
6. Recognize the key areas of money, finance and investments.
7. Demonstrate business problem-solving skills.
8. Use project management techniques to reflect projected tasks, schedules and resources as well as the progress of task completion.
9. Demonstrate global awareness by identifying and analyzing international trade issues.

Course Content:

5%    Understanding the U.S. business system
10%    Business economics
11%    The global context of business
4%    Forms of business ownership
5%    Business ethics and responsibility
5%     Managing the business enterprise
5%    Project management
5%    Employee motivation and leadership
4%    Human resource management and labor relations
5%    Entrepreneurship and the small business
5%    Organizing the business enterprise
5%    Marketing processes and consumer behavior
4%    Product development and pricing issues
4%    Distributing and promoting products
5%    Managing logistical operations and information
1%    Accounting
6%     Money and banking
7%     Securities and investments
4%    Financial management

Student Learning Outcome(s):
1. Students will explain the fundamental principles of capitalism and the tools used to measure and manage the economy.
As assessed by: Exam questions

2. Students will develop ethical business strategies for solving business problems in the area of domestic and global marketing, finance, human resources, investments, and domestic and international management.
As assessed by: Exam questions, project