3 Units
Prerequisite:    None

Catalog Description:

This course covers the legal rights and responsibilities of individuals, agencies, partnerships and corporations as they apply to contract law.    

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:
A.    Apply the legal principles of tort, criminal and, mainly, contract law. This includes the manner in which business dealings, disputes, and agreements are affected and resolved as a result of the law and its application. 
B.    Guard against potential lawsuits and use the court system to remedy existing lawsuits.
C.    Apply ethical and moral principles to legal issues within the business environment.

Course Content:

8%    The nature of law
6%    The resolution of private dispute
6%    Business and the constitution
9%    Introduction to contracts
9%    The agreement:  offer
9%    The agreement:  acceptance
9%    Consideration
8%    Reality of consent
8%    Capacity to contract
7%    Illegality
6%    Writing
7%    Rights of third parties
8%    Performance and remedies