3 Units
Prerequisite:    None

Catalog Description:

This course is an overview of the entire supply chain and its key elements. Students are exposed to concepts and terminology used in demand planning, inventory planning, material planning, distribution planning, fulfillment planning, and related components of a supply chain. 

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:
1    Define supply chain terminology.
2    Identify and explain elements of an organization’s supply chain.
3    Describe the benefits of a robust supply chain process.
4    Explain supply chain trade offs.
5    Describe the requirements for a robust supply chain process.
6    Explain the relationship of suppliers and distributors to ensure optimal supplies of materials in an organization.

Course Content:

6%    Inventory Management and Risk Pooling
7    Network Design and Planning
6    Designing Distribution Networks and Applications to e-Business
6    Supply Contracts
6    The Value of Information
6    Supply Chain Integration
7    Distribution Strategies
6    Strategic Alliances and Relationship Management
6    Procurement and Outsourcing Strategies
6    Global Logistics and Risk Management
6    Coordinated Product and Supply Chain Design
6    Planning and Managing Inventories in a Supply Chain
8    Customer Value, Pricing and Revenue Management
6    Information Technology and Business Processes
6    Technology Standards
6    Supply Chain Management and applications to the environment, e.g. green manufacturing.

Student Learning Outcome(s):
1.    Solve a problem in supply chain management, such as designing a distribution network for an e-business.
As assessed by: assignment.

2.    Identify and evaluate the tradeoffs of a supply chain.
As assessed by: exam and/or assignment.