About the Business Program

SMC's Business Department prepares students to transfer or launch a career in the world of business. We offer a broad variety of classes that teaches and prepares students with the skills to succeed in today's businesses. From startups to marketing and ethics, this place is for you.

Degrees and Certificates

Associate in Science for Transfer in Business AdministrationAssociates of Arts Degree

24 units + General Education Requirements

You’ll gain a strong foundational understanding of the business field and prepare yourself to transfer into an upper-division baccalaureate program at a California State University (CSU).

If you are considering a transfer to a UC, private, or out-of-state university, please consult a counselor before applying to transfer, as that institution’s transfer requirements might be different from those required for the AS-T in Business Administration.

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Associate in Science Degree in Business

24 units + General Education Requirements

Your early courses will be in accounting and business fundamentals, then you’ll prepare yourself for a career in global or domestic business by focusing on a particular area of study, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Global Trade and Logistics
  • Entrepreneurship Finance
  • Management/Leadership
  • Retail/Hospitality/Tourism
  • General Business
  • Your own personal combination from any of the above!

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Associate Degree in Management/Leadership Associates of Arts Degree

27 units + General Education Requirements

You’ll develop solid analytical skills, receive training in methods for resolving problems, and learn to plan and execute strategies in pursuit of large-scale organizational goals.

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Department Certificate in Business Management

12 units

This certificate is a short-term program designed to expose you equally to Accounting, Business, and Management fundamentals.

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Career Options

Business Management and Administration careers encompass planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations. Business Management and Administration career opportunities are available in every sector of the economy.

Job Title Typical Education Median Wage
Chief Executives A Master's or Professional Degree $177,513
General and Operations Managers Bachelor's Degree $111,114
Sales Managers Bachelor's Degree $106,015
Administrative Services Managers A High School Diploma or Less $95,407
Industrial Production Managers Bachelor's Degree $97,438
Transportation Managers Bachelor's Degree $88,932
Storage and Distribution Managers Bachelor's Degree $88,932
Construction Managers Bachelor's Degree $60,143
Social and Community Service Managers Bachelor's Degree $71,902
Regulatory Affairs Managers Bachelor's Degree $68,404
Compliance Managers Bachelor's Degree $68,404
Supply Chain Managers Bachelor's Degree $68,404
Loss Prevention Managers Bachelor's Degree $68,404
Cost Estimators Bachelor's Degree $61,107
Management Analysts Bachelor's Degree $82,571
Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners Bachelor's Degree $46,635
Business Continuity Planners Bachelor's Degree $71,410
Business Intelligence Analysts Bachelor's Degree $75,813