Ming Lu
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University of Southern California Masters
University of California, Berkeley Bachelors

Work Experience
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Deloitte LLP
KPMG Peat Marwick LLP
Merrill Lynch

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Econ 1B Fall 2004

This is the first class that I have ever taught. It was a Microeconomics class at Foothill College in Fall 2004. The class was created last minute for a satellite campus and thus almost didn't make the minimum student threshold. Fortunately, it did make it, and thus I began my college teaching career.

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Acct 2 Fall 2013

I've had many wonderful classes in my years of teaching on campus. However, this class was probably my favorite class up to that point in time. In terms of number of students, it was one of the smallest principles of accounting classes that I have taught. However, these students were very dedicated and worked very hard throughout the entire semester. As a result, the class set all sorts of records for high tests scores.

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Acct 2 Fall 2015

Here is a photo of my Accounting 2 class that had the highest financial statement group project scores.

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