Personal Finance Workshops are organized during the activity hour on a Tuesday or Thursday.  Students learn financial concepts through interactive discussions and hands on financial planning tools are shared.  Faculty hand out a few financial good reads or gifts to encourage student participation.  All students receive handouts with useful resourses, and enjoy pizza at the end of the workshops.   Besides the activity hour workshops, special presentations were also arranged such as the presentaton for 2017 Summer Jams.

A few common remarks from prior student participants:
"I wish I had learned this years ago!!"
"I didn't realize that saving a few dollars a day could make such a difference in my life..."
"What can I do to learn more?"  

Check out pictures from past events and workshops:

​     Personal finance presentation for 2017 Summer Jams 
20170803_114101 (1).jpg

     Playing jeopardy games at a personal finance workshop

    Standing room only at the Spring 2016 Personal Finance Workshop for Adelante 


    Students enjoyed time with the presenters at the Personal Finance Workshop for Veterans in Fall 2014:

To find an upcoming workshop, or access other personal finance resources: