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Rock Music And Financial Literacy Presentation at SMC on March 3rd 2016 -  the first time for this event to be offered at a California college.

Described as the "coolest financial advisor" by Wall Street Journal, the GOODING band has been touring the country offering a unique presentation combining rock music and a powerpoint presentation on financial literacy.  On March 3rd, 2016 this event was brought to SMC and provided free to our students through "Funding the Future", a non-profit organization with a mission to educate students on the importance of smart financial decisions.  The turnout was excellent.  Even with faculty giving up their seats to students, the Main Stage theatre was packed, with standing room only.  

Check out pictures of the event: 

Students entered the Main Stage not knowing what to expect.  As one student put it: "the mix of rock music and financial literacy would either be really odd, or really awesome.  And it turned out to be really awesome."

Vice President Georgia Lorenz provided a welcome introduction, followed by a sharing of financial literacy resources by faculty Jenny Resnick.  The GOODING band was introduced to the audience, and they played their original songs for approximately 20 minutes.
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The most important part of the event started after the music - Steven Gooding provided a 30 minute presentation on the importance of starting young in financial planning.  Among other things, Steven Gooding shared his advice on how to build credit, and the danger of high interest debt...    
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Students were inspired and engaged, staying behind to seek further advice at the end of the presentation.
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                                              Funding the Future Board President Michelle DeHoff spoke to student                   Gooding-e163.jpg  ​​​Gooding-e170.jpg 
  A job well done for the GOODING band!     

Funding the Future Executive Director Rita Pouppirt (right) commented after the event: "It was the best organized college event we have had.  I am passing along the tips that made your event so successful..."

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