Financial Literacy in English and Math Classes


Project Summary

Most Americans today lack knowledge in financial literacy. If you think about it, where are people supposed to learn this knowledge? It is not taught in K-12 or in college (unless you are an Accounting or Finance major). Consequently, most people today are in debt and or live financial unsustainable life styles. Thanks to a generous grant from Carol and Bill Ouchi, this chair of excellence project was to develop and then incorporate basic financial literacy topics into the lesson plans of freshman Math and English basic skills courses at Santa Monica College. That way, students will not only start to develop knowledge in basic financial literacy, but also start to see how learning Math and English can benefit them. For example, in a Math class, students were taught how to budget their money. Meanwhile, in an English class, students read and wrote about various financial products from financial literacy books. The goal was to plant seeds of interest in financial literacy so the students would want to learn more even after the semester was over and further expand their knowledge in financial literacy.

Student Outcomes

  1. Students will become more interested in learning English and Math. They will begin to see how Math and English can benefit them in making financially wise decisions in their daily life.

  2. Students will improve their knowledge in financial literacy, which is a lifelong benefit. They will learn to live a more financially sustainable life.

  3. Students will share this knowledge with their friends outside of class so as to generate even greater societal benefits.

Results from Fall 2014 Pilot Program

Course Materials Developed

Program Leaders

Project leader: Ming Lu
English Department Coordinator: Eleni Hioureas
Math Department Coordinator: Quyen Phung