This program has concluded on August 17, 2012.                                                          (last updated 3/20/2013)

Update on HIT Pro Exam Vouchers: The ONC sponsored HIT Pro voucher program, which allows individuals to take the competency exams free of charge, will conclude March 31, 2013.  

In April 2013, the competency exam program will resume under the direction of AHIMA and the exams will be administered for a fee​. Follow the AHIMA site for details.

For courses related to this program, check out Office Technology​ under the CSIS department.

If you are a past student, this page provides you with information on the HITPro certification, as well as tips on job search.

​​ HIT Job Search​ Tips HITPro Certification


Health IT Workforce Solutions  ​(posted 8/27/2012)

* Free HIT jobs course: 3/22/2012)

* Annual Southern California HIMSS Healthcare IT ConferenceConference program 2012.​ (posted 2/15/2012)

* Job Search Webinar: "What it's really like" - JobSearchTalkShowFeb112012.pdfJobSearchTalkShowFeb112012.pdf (posted Feb 12, 2012).

* Resume Building and Job Search Overview Slides - click here (posted 1/10/2012)

* Stay connected - click here (posted 11/19/2011)  

* LA Care posts job announcements periodically - you can also post your resume at their site

* AMIA Membership for $99 through end of 2012. Click the following link and select the $99 ONC-HHS Trainee:

* For job and resume postings visit:

* ONC sponsored HIMSS Job/Resume site:

* AHIMA special pricing membership:

* Western Region Health IT Consortium:​

* SMC Job site:​​​​​​​​​​​

If you have already read about HITPro certification, click this link for a step by setp guide to taking the exam. Otherwise read the sections below before downloading the guide:

As a graduate of SMC HIT program, you should consider taking the HITPro certification exam. If you requested a voucher to take the exam free of charge see below for deadlines and rules. If you have not requested a voucher by the deadline then you can no longer receive one. 

You should consider taking the exam for the role that you have completed. For example, if you completed the Trainer role, then you should plan to take the Trainer exam, although you may take any or all of the tests of the HIT Pro exam. 

The document HIT Pro Study Guide contains detailed information about the exam. Please read it carefully and fully before you proceed to reading the rest of this document.
Here are some important notes:

* A student is only eligible for one voucher. If you have received a voucher from another school, then if get another voucher, it will be rejected on the day you present it to the testing center.
* Each test covers certain materials that our program has covered most of. The training program did not cover every unit of every component. You will need to self-study some units and one or two components. To get the full curriculum go to or Set up a profile and download the components.
* If you received​ a voucher and it expired, or you do not pass the test, you will not be issued another voucher. 
* The HIT Pro voucher program ends March 31, 2013. Vouchers are invalid for use after this date.